I'm a designer, reader, and writer. Occasional speaker. CEO at MAQE. Seeker of truth, mental models, and better ways of working. I'm on a mission to (literally) change how the world works. I live in Bangkok, Thailand, with my wife and our two gremlins.

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I've been writing a weekly newsletter about the future of work since 2018. It's called WorkMatters. New issues drop Fridays at 10 AM ICT. Subscription is free:


Newsletters are published to Medium after a 3 months delay. Subscribers get early access, everyone else have to wait. Back issues are listed below, in chronological order.


Week 30 - Normative Ethics: Deontology, Utilitarianism, and Virtue Ethics

Week 29 - The mOS Trifecta: Personal Fulfillment, Customer Satisfaction, and Company...

Week 28 - Introducing mOS v1.0: Platforms, Teams, and Roles

Week 27 - What You Do Is Who You Are: Core Virtues, Hard Choices, and Situational Leadership

Week 26 - How The Ready Works: Participatory Governance, Compensation Stacks, and...

Week 25 - RDH @ MAQE: Complexity Conscious, Customer Centric, and People Positive

Week 24 - How Zappos Works: Market-Based Dynamics, Customer-Generated Budgeting, and...

Week 23 - Unpacking Rendanheyi, Part 3: Employment, Incorporation, and Partnership

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