I'm a designer, reader, and writer. Occasional speaker. CEO at MAQE. Seeker of truth, mental models, and better ways of working. I'm on a mission to (literally) change how the world works. I live in Bangkok, Thailand, with my wife and our two gremlins.

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How do you design great organizations? That’s the question I’ve been trying to answer for the past 10 years. Each week, I share some of what I’ve learned in a weekly newsletter called WorkMatters.

I’ve been writing since 2018 and past topics include:

#leadership #strategicdesign #organizationaldesign #businessstrategy #innovationmanagement #web3 #DAOs #personalproductivity #managementmodels #teambuilding #organizationalstructures #changemanagement #digitaltransformation #personalgrowth #complexitytheory #businessecosystems #remotework #OKR #businessagility and more.

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Week 27, 2024 - 🤔 PLCX Canvas, Part 4: HMWs and Solutions

Week 26, 2024 - 🧭 PLCX Canvas, Part 3: Key Performance Indicators

Week 25, 2024 - 💞PLCX Canvas, Part 2: The PLG Flywheel

Week 24, 2024 - 🎯 PLCX Canvas, Part 1: Ideal Customer Profiles

Week 23, 2024 - ⚙️ Design better products with Product-Led Customer Experience (PLCX)

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